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Software Solutions Department (SSD)

We believe that Hardware and Software are always head to head in competition, that is why in order to get full benefit of the super semiconductors and very high speed processors, our software engineers are always in big challenge to convoy the Hardware technology. Our range of products covers the following categories:

  • Web Applications.
    • Content Management System.
    • E-Learning.
    • E-Commerce.
    • Static Web Sites Design.
    • Dynamic web Sites.
    • Management Information System.
  • Windows Applications.
    • Human Resource and Payroll.
    • Accounting.
    • Inventory.
    • Card Issuing System.
    • Sales and Quotations System.
    • Software Solutions.
  • Existing Software Maintenance.
  • Building COM components.
  • Managing and Configuring Database Servers.

Our Software Solutions engineers and programmers believe in Dr. Walter Luhs' saying that ''Problems are Hidden Solutions''.