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TECHNICAL ENGINEERS FOR TECHNOLOGY combines the best practices of IT services, software engineering and total quality management to be the premier brand for defining, designing, developing, deploying, and sustaining software products.

TET provides a unique combination of collaborative workshops and integrated delivery teams to quickly take clients from concept to successful launch and then maintenance of their products Using proven and leading edge technologies, TECHNICAL ENGINEERS FOR TECHNOLOGY creates flexible and highly functional applications and software products for companies.

TECHNICAL ENGINEERS FOR TECHNOLOGY provides its services to customers spanning the vertical markets of ISPís, Communications/Wireless, Process Automation, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

TECHNICAL ENGINEERS FOR TECHNOLOGY methodologies and best-of-breed technologies provide the basis for defining and designing software applications that are scalable, reliable and easy to implement. Opportunities for incremental performance enhancements are incorporated into the application design to allow for growth as the customer's business evolves and its IT requirements change.


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